Create Job Adverts and Descriptions that Will Attract Top Candidates

To attract the right candidate to your business can be challenging, it is probable that a candidate will look at many job adverts before hitting the “apply” button, so your advert has to be attractive to the people you want to bring into your business. It is imperative that you write a job advert that is clear, gets to the point, and highlights the rewards quickly in order to ensure they actually apply for your role in the first place. A poorly written advert can in fact turn off a high calibre candidate.

Our Consultancy Practice has many years’ experience in this arena and knows what makes a good job description or advert. The advert is normally a shortened version of a full job description, and prior to an interview the candidate should be furnished with a full job description. This means that the candidate will be clear about exactly what role they are applying for, the remit and objectives or that role and exactly what is expected of them.

So Where Do You Start?
At the start of the recruitment process all the managers/directors involved in the recruitment of the position need to be involved in identifying and defining the full job description in writing that way there is no misunderstanding of the key attributes of the job role between the management who are to conduct the interviews i.e. if this is a sales role is it purely a new business development role or an account management role or a bit of both?

Job Description Main Purposes

Candidate Attraction
Describe the job role and required track record and qualifications with the purpose of attracting a response from the best internal or external applicants for the job.

Role Definition
For the management and individual performing the role to understand the scope and level of responsibility expected of the position and to have a reference point for their responsibilities and required level of performance, especially at appraisal time or when a promotion is being considered.

Job Description Key Attributes
Exact job role title
Location and travel requirements
Where the role sits within the team, department and overall business
Who the role reports to, and other key interactions
Key areas of responsibility and the deliverables expected
Short, medium and long-term objectives
Soft skills and personality traits necessary
Required education and training
Convey the company culture and identity
Progression and promotion opportunities
Remuneration range and benefits available

Job Description Advice

Using Internal Terminology
Don’t use terminology / abbreviation that may not be understood by potential external candidates as this may put off potentially excellent candidates that may have applied for the role. Keep to well-recognised requirements to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Relevant Management Not Involved
The most accurate job descriptions and requirements are produced with the involvement of all management involved in the recruitment of the position. When defining or refining what the job role involves and what experience and qualifications are required it is also advisable to involve the input from employees in a similar function.

Unrealistic Requirements
Every job description should be an accurate representation of what is to be carried out in the job role and the relevant experience and qualifications required to perform the role at its best. This should not be an impossible wish list of every skill that may come in useful as you will put off potentially excellent candidates that may have applied for the role.

Using Discriminatory Language
Although this is frequently inadvertent, the use of certain words and phrases in a job description can be construed as discriminatory and can limit the diverse group of potential candidates that organisations are trying to achieve. Check out the legal requirement on the Business Link website.

Not Reviewing Job Description Regularly
Organisations are continually evolving, so for job descriptions to accurately reflect changing requirements they should be reviewed, ideally annually, and amended as appropriate.

What Is Different About The Job Advert?
Once the job description has been created should you wish to “advertise the role” you should create an advert from a subset of the key points in the job description to cover:- what the company does, the remit of the role, the skills and qualifications required from the candidate and the remuneration and rewards including any potential for career development. This should be short, sharp and to the point and highlight the “benefits” for the candidate in order to attract the best people.

Taking the time to create an accurate job description / advert can be invaluable to contributing to the ongoing attraction, hiring and retention of the best possible employees.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information about our Sales Consultancy Practice, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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