How to Attract High Calibre Professionals into Your Business

When you are trying to attract high calibre professionals to your organisation, it is important to understand what motivates and inspire candidates to work for certain companies.

Proactively promoting your company’s unique values, culture and career opportunities will help prospective candidates have an understanding what it would be to work in your company and if their skill sets, type of personality and career aspirations would suit them.   There are various reasons why high calibre professionals are attracted to certain companies.  Below are some of the more common attributes in a new employer high calibre professionals are looking for when they are in the job market.

Cultural Fit
High calibre professionals are looking to work for companies that have similar corporate values to their own personal values i.e. forward thinking, commitment to customer service, green policy, creative and innovative, etc.  Does the company’s culture reward teamwork or competitiveness? Individuality or conformity?  Promoting your company values will help you attract like-minded individuals and will increase your chances of successfully filling your roles with the right people for your business.

Remuneration and Rewards
High calibre professionals are looking to understand what is it that makes your company different from the rest. How do you recognise achievement? How is it rewarded? What opportunities are available to high achievers? What else do you have to offer? What kind of culture do you promote? Examples of these can be career development opportunities, competitive pay, work/life balance initiatives and company stability. Promote these attributes through your company website, public relations, advertising and word of mouth, so that prospective candidates will be attracted to becoming an employee within your organisation.

Business Reputation
Are your employees brand ambassadors or critics? High calibre professionals are looking to work for a company that has strong brand recognition and a reputation for excellence in their market. They will use their network of contacts to gain an insight into your company’s culture internally and externally. Work to engage and motivate your existing employees is critical in attracting high calibre individuals in to your company, as they are one of your most powerful sources of advertising and testimonials.

Career Development
The opportunity for high calibre professionals to develop both personally and professionally is crucial for job satisfaction. They are looking to work in a company that can help advance their career and enhance their existing skill sets. Do you offer on going training and development? A clear and defined roadmap for growth and promotion? Challenging projects? Recognition and Financial Rewards? Cultivate a culture of continual learning and career opportunities?

ATR speaks to literally thousands of candidates a year, and as an employment agency we know that candidates are attracted to companies for a variety of reasons. However there is a common theme in that candidates will definitely be attracted to companies with a good reputation, excellent remuneration and rewards packages, on going training, career development opportunities and what they perceive as a good cultural fit.  Candidates usually have 2 or 3 job offers under consideration, so if you company ticks all or most of the boxes discussed they are far more likely to accept your job offer.  If you make it a policy to advertise the benefits that your company brings to employee’s on your website, via social media and by ensuring your employee’s are “Brand Ambassadors” you will increase your ability to attract the very best candidates to your business, which in turn will ensure your success.

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