Create a Great Company Culture

When candidates are deciding whether to accept a job offer, often the deciding factor can come down to your company culture.  Bottom line: Is your company a place where your employees really want to be, and are they motivated to do their best?

Ask yourself the following questions:-
Is morale high in your company?
Do your employee’s socialise with one another?
Is communication between individuals and departments good?
Do you interact with your colleagues?
Would you say you have a good management style?
Do you offer flexible working to employees?
Do your staff ever go for drinks after work together?
Does the company ever have staff outings or Christmas Parties?
Is there profit related pay?
Do you have a nice working environment?

Happy employee’s make the best employee’s, if people feel supported, that their career aspirations are being met, and that they play an important part within your organisation and are valued, they will want to come to work every day. There is no better way to have productive staff.  The culture in a company radiates around the business and candidates can tell if a culture is positive even if they are just coming in for an interview, and certainly by speaking to the people in the business.  The better the company culture is, the more high calibre candidates you will attract and the higher your staff retention will be.

So how do you create a positive company culture?
In our recruitment agency we speak to disgruntled candidates all the time, and often one of their key reasons for leaving is that they “don’t like the Culture” within their company.  So how do you go about creating a good company culture:-
Find out what your staff think – Send round an anonymous questionnaire where your employees can give you honest feedback about what it’s like to work for you and your company. This will help you identify any changes you need or should make and how to improve upon your company culture. Consider and implement the following 6 idea’s if you don’t do these already:-
Communicate – Give your employee’s a forum where they can be heard! You should give your employees the opportunity to voice their ideas and give opinions on key decisions that affect them!
Collaborate – Make sure your company mission and values are shared with your employees.
Environment – Work with your staff to make a pleasant and supportive working environment.
Appraisals – Ensure your staff have clear objectives in their roles and provide annual appraisals to monitor their performance.
Career Development – Create a personal development plan for each member of staff that will ensure they can step up to the next level in their career.
Profit Share – This really makes every employee feel they have a vested interest in the company and is worth serious consideration.

What it’s like to work for your company is defined by your employees’ opinion on your company culture. Company culture is one of the most important things when candidates are considering a job offer, so you need to make sure the culture at your company is on par with others in your industry and sector.  A positive Company Culture will help you not only attract but retain high calibre employees and ultimately help your company ensure their business goals are met.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information about our Sales Consultancy Practice, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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