5 Sure-fire Ways to Grow your Business!

A business is only as good as its people, if you have a happy and productive workforce, you are selling products or services with a strong value proposition then you are very likely to succeed.

Our Consultancy Practice has an in-depth understanding of why candidates leave companies, so in order to avoid the pitfalls that lead to unhappy, unproductive and disruptive staff we recommend you follow the suggestions outlined below:-

  1. Hire the right people
  2. Train them
  3. Pay or reward them effectively
  4. Hold them accountable
  5. Offer career progression

In a nutshell; hire insanely motivated candidates who fit the culture and have the basic skills necessary. Train them. Reward them. Hold them accountable. Discipline when needed – and offer real career progression opportunities if you want to keep them!

If we break this down and look at each suggestion in detail you will see that everything hinges on hiring the right person, because if you hire the wrong person, step 2 (training) is set up for failure as are the remaining steps.

Even the most qualified candidate must match with the organization culture. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Hire the right people
Ensure you have a list of the exact skills, qualities and attitude you are looking for in the candidates for each specific role. Make sure your candidates match those requirements before you offer them the role – it is better to wait for the right person than to make a costly hiring mistake.

Train them
Provide staff with training that will ensure that a) they will be able to perform the role to the best of their ability and b) makes the employee feel that you are adding value to their skill sets.

Pay or reward them effectively
If you want to attract the best people in your marketplace, make sure your company offers excellent remuneration in terms of salary and benefits, if you can become known as the “best place to work” in terms of pay and conditions you will be able to attract top candidates into your business. Incentives such as commission for sales people or profit share / or bonus’s for the general workforce are fantastic ways to motivate staff. However be warned – not paying bonus’s or profit share or commission on time (or not at all) will completely backfire and could result in your company gaining a bad reputation, and ultimately put people off joining your company!

Hold them accountable
We recommend that every employee knows exactly what is expected of them, that they have a job description for their role and a set of clear objectives. This means that they know, and you know, if they are succeeding in their role. Their performance needs to be reviewed constantly, usually once a week as this makes them accountable and also enables you to help put them back on track if things are not going well. It also helps you when it comes to annual appraisals as you can then use the information to decide to promote or indeed discipline the employee.

We find that when people have clear goals and objectives, and that they know they are accountable performance is actually higher, and in fact when people constantly hit their objectives it makes them feel good about themselves and keeps them motivated to continue performing well. This can only be good for your business!

Offer career progression
One of the biggest reasons why people leave their company is a lack of proper career development opportunities. When you are looking at the structure within your business you should take into account how you can “promote” people within the business to the next level.

The “promotion” may not mean the person does a vastly different role, but giving someone a more senior job title and a little more money because of excellent performance will make that person feel they have been promoted and that their career is developing. So take a look at your company – can it be structured to provide career paths as you expand and grow your business, because the best way to keep your highly skilled and motivated workforce is to give them the hope of future career development opportunities and promotion.

We really understand the importance of recruiting the right people at the right time, and while time to hire is so very important these days, hiring the “right” person rather than filling the position is so much more important to organisational health. We follow a rigorous recruitment process that ensures we find candidates that match your job description, fill your criteria and will fit with your culture – in fact we are so successful we even guarantee our candidates for 6 months.  If you are looking for a partnership with a recruitment agency who is as committed to your companies growth as much as you are, please give us a call to discuss how we can help you meet your recruitment and business objectives.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information about our Sales Consultancy Practice, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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