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How to Attract High Calibre Professionals into Your Business

When you are trying to attract high calibre professionals to your organisation, it is important to understand what motivates and inspire candidates to work for certain companies. Proactively promoting your company’s unique values, culture and career opportunities will help prospective

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Leave Unsuccessful Candidates with a Good Impression!

Benefits of Candidates having a Good Impression of your Company After you have interviewed a strong shortlist of potential candidates for a position within your organisation, you are only able to offer one of them the position within your company.

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Your Sales People are your Competitive Edge

Your sales people are your competitive edge, so ensuring your recruit the best in the market is what really matters in business. You can have a state of the art factory, produce the most fantastic products, but if no one

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Managing Disruptive Employees

In an ideal world all your employees would be motivated, productive and fit in really well within your company culture. However, in the real world, one of the most challenging situations a manager can face in their career is how

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Importance of Exit Interviews

When people leave your company your feelings about this can range from “you don’t care” to “how are you going to manage?”  We are an experienced consultancy that believes it is imperative to truly understand why any member of staff is leaving, because

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Key Characteristics of Successful Sales People

Our Consultancy additionally help to recruit high calibre sales professionals for our clients. We are often asked to find sales people who are “guaranteed to be successful”.  So the question we are often asked is what are the “key characteristics”

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Benefits of Productivity Improvement Plans

Our client Productivity Improvement Plan (PIP) for Sales People is designed to help Sales Managers improve the performance of individual sales professionals who are not performing to their full potential. It is much more cost effective to “turn around” a

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