Benefits of Recruiting IT Contractors

IT Contractors are highly skilled individuals, and are brought into Organisations to strengthen the Company’s capabilities and to ensure that IT Projects are delivered effectively, on time and within budget.  Below are some of the main reasons a Company / Organisation will recruit IT Contractors instead of Permanent IT Employees.
IT Contractors are Available Immediately
When a Company needs to rapidly work on a one off IT Project with a deadline that can’t be achieved with their current IT team, then employing IT Contractors quickly for a short term period until the project is complete can be very appealing.  One of the many advantages of Contractors for a Company is they don’t have long notice periods and are usually available to commence work for their new Employer within days.
Flexible Access to Skills
IT Contractors provide Companies with access to skills that they may not have, or may not have enough of, and may not need over the long term. When very specific and specialist skills are required, Contractors are ideal to fill the skills shortage within the project.Immediate Results
IT Contractors can hit the ground running; they don’t have to be trained, they will have a good depth of experience as they will have worked for a number of different types and sizes of Companies and will be able to tap in to the knowledge they have gained over the years, as a result they will be able to deliver results straight away, immediately adding to an Organisation’s capacity and ability to deliver.

Skills Transfer
If your Company requires IT skills not currently in your in-house IT Department, the Contractor can share his knowledge and skills by training and mentoring members of your own team to develop and fill their skills gapWhen additional Employees come on stream later, the Contractor can leave with the client facing absolutely no legal liabilities, such as redundancy pay-outs.

IT Contractors are Not Employed
Contractors are business services suppliers, providing predominantly knowledge-based services to Companies on a business to business basis. This means that all the employment law for permanent Employees simply do not apply to Contractors. If they don’t work they don’t get paid.


  • Check if you really need an IT Contractor or whether the skills and knowledge you require already exist within your organisation.
  • Create a full detailed Job Specification document outlining what is required for the IT Contractor to effectively perform the role, this will allow your Company to recognise an ideal Candidate skill set ensuring you recruit the right person for the job.
  • Agree the job role aims and timescales of the assignment with the IT Contractor from the outset, so that both parties know their objectives, and review regularly with the IT Contractor as the assignment progresses.
  • Clarify the role of the IT Contractor to the permanent staff, so that they understand the Contractor is being taken on for a defined period of time and can transfer skills to permanent employees.
  • Don’t make pay comparisons to permanent staff as it is misleading as IT Contractors are chargeable at an inclusive rate and do not enjoy benefits such as pensions or holidays.
  • Don’t waste time during the recruitment process as the best IT Contractors will get snapped up quickly.
  • Always use a reputable IT Contractor Provider that can resource IT Contractors with the right balance of skills, experience and industry knowledge.

We can help you resource and recruit IT Contractors with specialist skills at all levels; from Developer to Programme Director in all IT disciplines enabling your business to meet IT Project deadlines on time and within budget.  For more information about how we can help you find the most relevant IT Contractors for your Organisation, please contact us on 0844 2577 888.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information about our Sales Consultancy Practice, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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