Sales Force Health Check

Our Sales Consultancy Practice has a division specialising in recruiting Sales Professionals. Our Sales Force Health Check is designed to help Sales Directors and Sales Managers maximise sales force performance. The objective is twofold, one to ensure that problem areas are identified and solutions are put in place, and two, to work with the organisation to ensure that all avenue’s to maximise sales revenue across the business are being fully exploited.
A healthy sales force will not only meet but also exceed its sales revenue targets allowing you to meet both your personal sales objectives and your company’s business goals.

There are 6 main areas covered during the Health Check, these are as follows:

Key Areas
1) Sales Force Performance
2) Sales Objectives
3) Sales Strategy
4) Sales Personnel
5) Sales Activity
6) Sales Proposition

A typical sales force health check comprises of two half-day sessions, the first session provides an overview of your sales force and identifies any problem areas and or opportunities for development.
The second session involves delivering a report outlining the practical steps to be taken to either resolve any areas of concern, or idea’s that can be implemented to improve the business and maximise sales revenue.
The ATR Consultant delivering the Sales Force Health Check has operated at Director level and has worked in a number of Blue-chip organisations such as IBM, GKN and Siemens, she has won numerous sales awards including both “Top Salesperson” for a UK Document Management company, and a European Summit Award for IBM after winning a multi-million pound contract.

If you have any questions regarding this article or require further information about our Sales Consultancy Practice, please call us on 0844 2577 888.

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