Tips to Manage Stress at Work

Stress at work has always been an issue but even more so during the recent economic climate. In our recruitment agency we often have candidates who want to move from their current roles because they are “stressed out”.

Why is it important manage stress?
Workplace stress affects the performance of the brain, including functions of work performance; memory, concentration, and learning. In the UK over 13 million working days are lost every year because of stress. Stress is believed to trigger 70% of visits to doctors, and 85% of serious illnesses (UK HSE stress statistics).
Below are just some ideas that can help to reduce stress:-

Drink more water – not tea or coffee of soft drinks but actual water!.
Here’s why…
Offices and workplaces commonly have a very dry atmosphere due to air conditioning, etc., which increases people’s susceptibility to de-hydration.
The brain is strongly dependent on water to function properly, if you starve your brain of water you will function below your best and get stressed both mentally and physically. It’s how we are built.
You will drink more water if you keep some on your desk at all times – it’s human nature to drink it if it’s there – so go get some now – you should aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

Humour is one of the greatest and quickest devices for reducing stress.
Humour works because laughter produces helpful chemicals in the brain.
Humour also gets your brain thinking and working in a different way – it distracts you from having a stressed mind-set. Distraction is a simple effective de-stressor – it takes your thoughts away from the stress, and thereby diffuses the stressful feelings.

Brisk Walk
Go for a short quick really brisk walk outside. Yes, actually leave the building.
Change your environment. Breathe in some fresh air and smell the atmosphere…
Just getting away from the stressful situation at work and having a little bit of exercise will change your mood – it’s amazing how just a 10 minute break can make you feel so much better.

(Not so easy but still perfectly possible) Take a quick nap. It is nature’s way of recharging and re-energising.
A quick 10-30 minutes’ sleep is very helpful to reduce stress.
At some stage conventional Western industry will ‘wake up’ to the realisation that many people derive enormous benefit from a midday nap. Sounds silly?
People in the Mediterranean and Central Americas have a longer life expectancy and lower levels of heart disease, and this is almost certainly related to the fact that they take a siesta every working day.

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