When Recruiting: Your offices DO matter!

Interviews are a two way process and you better believe that the candidates are evaluating your company during the interview and deciding whether or not they want to work there. If you don’t have a good working environment you could be losing out on the best candidates.  So here are a few things to think about:-

Office Furniture
Your office building and its contents are a reflection of your business and nothing will put potential employees off like old outdated office furniture and dilapidated rundown buildings.  Aesthetically pleasing large desks with good storage space and comfortable ergonomic adjustable chairs will have a really positive impact.  In fact studies show that employees are happier and more productive in a nice environment.

A huge turnoff for potential employees is walking into a workplace filled with blinding fluorescent lights.  Fluorescent light increases anxiety levels and causes migraines in many individuals, Incandescent light bulbs are much easier on the eyes, so wherever possible let in natural light and introduce floor and desk lamps into the office.

Adding plants to the workplace is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into the office.  Whether it’s a fern here and there or fresh flowers to welcome your current and prospective employees, a little green really does go a long way.
In addition to the beautifying qualities that greenery adds to the office, the oxygenating abilities of plant leaves are known to naturally reduce stress, increase positive feelings, relieve anxiety, and lower blood pressure.

Lunch Room
Often companies will give prospective employees a tour of the building, so you need to ensure that if you show them the lunch room or the break out area, that it is an appealing place where the candidates could imagine taking a break or having lunch.  A comfortable environment with good snack and drink options and an inviting ambiance, and comfortable seating, will help give the candidate a good feeling about your business, and make them feel that this will be a great place to work.

Motivational Pictures
Motivational pictures add colour and variety and have positive messages that can inspire your staff; they also break up the monotony of plain walls. These can be purchased at a low cost and can be colour co-ordinated to match your office furnishings.  Making an effort with your work environment will really help you attract candidates to your business, as well as helping you to retain the staff you already employ.

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